Abused Pit Bull Amputee Keeps on Trucking

The first reports the Animal Shelter received about London was that there was a pit bull with broken legs. Upon rescuing the pup, it was clear that London didn’t suffer any natural accident. The pup had been abused—badly.

London’s front legs and shoulders were completely shattered, and had been left untreated for a while. It looked like the dog may have taken a fall out of a window from a high apartment, but investigations uncovered that his owners threw him harshly to the ground for gnawing on a sofa. He was also covered in sores and burns that went untreated, and it was clear the poor dog had long been in excruciating pain.

Even with all those injuries, London’s spirit showed he had the will to go on. He tried to move forward, even with broken legs.

Vets decided that his two front legs needed to be amputated. London came through the surgery with flying colors though, and found a forever home with a loving family that treasures him. London’s disability hasn’t stopped him from enjoying his new home, either-- he has his own set of wheels: a two-wheeler contraption that replaces his front legs. The pup pushes himself around with his back paws. It’s adorable to see him exploring his new home and yard in his own personal wheelchair, happy in his new chance at life.

London’s abusers, Zachary Hinton and Sarah Anderson, have been arrested and plea-bargained but London’s new owners are seeking a more just sentence on his behalf. In the meantime, London’s Facebook page shows this brave pup just keeps on rolling.

Photo: Life With Dogs

Regardless of the past abuse London is still playful and loving.