Denmark Zoo to Feature Cage-Free Animals With Humans in Captivity

A Danish architect is turning the tables when it comes to his design for a zoo. Givskud “Zootopia,”near Vejle, Denmark, will feature cage-free animals — with humans held in captivity.

Bjarke Ingels is known for a number of unique building designs. From apartments blocks resembling mountains, to an incinerator with a working ski-slope, he is not afraid to try something new. Now he is flipping the concept of a zoo on its head — and it’s brilliant!

Ingels and his fellow architects at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), always try to integrate buildings into the environment, essentially blending them in with the landscape. Now their aim is to change the entire zoo experience. Visitors will arrive at an open square or piazza, and then venture off among winding trails through three “continents,” to view the various animals.

His design features 300 acres of wilderness where animals are allowed to roam free. As for human visitors, they will be housed in little viewing pods that float along rivers or sail overhead in cable cars. People will also observe animals from other unobtrusive, nature-inspired enclosures. They will be able to see lions from bunkers beneath hills and peer at pandas through bamboo screens.

According to BIG, although the zoo’s design is important, the ultimate goal is to liberate the creatures as much as possible. By freeing the animals, BIG says, perhaps they can teach humans something about living conditions and quality of life. It looks like this architect is building a bright future for animals and zoo visitors alike.

Photo: The Slate, Vice

The zoos design is meant to show humans what captivity is like while also allowing the animals freedom.