Guide Dog 'Drop Out' Makes It into Yearbook

Taxi might not have earned his diploma in the guide dog program, but the clever pet decided not to give up on his education. He's been attending middle school faithfully with his master, so the school thought it only fair that he get his picture in the year book along with all the other students.

Taxi is half lab and half golden retriever, ginger- haired and adorable. He's a guide dog school drop-out; his 'cat destruction' problem caused him to flunk the program. But despite his cat issues, Taxi has proven loyal and true.

He's sat faithfully, day by day, at the side of Rachel Benke for four years now. Rachel was born with brain damage that's resulted in epilepsy. Taxi was drawn to Rachel from the moment he first saw her, and pulled away from his handler in trying to get to the girl. Rachel, who had been afraid of animals, immediately took to the dog. She bent down and hugged him.

Rachel was actually in danger and suffered a seizure minutes later. Taxi kept her calm and kept everyone away from her until paramedics arrived. The two have been inseparable ever since.

Taxi's face is so well known at the school that his picture is next to hers in the year book. The pooch serves on an example not to give up on your education, or your ambitions.

Photo: E Online, Life With Dogs

The yearbook picture of Taxi and his owner Rachel