Shelter Sued $2.5 Million for Euthanizing Healthy Animals

A nonprofit animal rescue is suing a shelter for $2.5 million over allegedly euthanizing healthy animals too soon.

The founder of Paw Protectors Rescue, based in Seal Beach, California, filed a lawsuit against OC Animal Care for putting down healthy cats and dogs too quickly. The rescue group also accused the shelter of denying proper medical treatment to sick and injured animals.

If the allegations are true, this means that dozens of perfectly good animals are killed without being given a proper chance to find loving homes.

Ryan Drabek, the shelter’s director, told The Orange County Register that the number of animals euthanized has dropped significantly over the past few years. In 2013, 28 percent of animals were put down, compared to 47 percent killed in 2010.

Orange County spokeswoman Jean Pasco had no comment on the matter at this time. Undoubtedly, many animal lovers likely have a few comments of their own for Pasco and OC Animal Care.

Photo: Traditional Right, Photo Xfer

The lawsuit was filed when Paw Protectors Rescue suspected OC Animal Care was euthanizing healthy animals too quickly.