Survey Shows Fun Facts about the Role Pets Play in Dating

In the rom-com "Must Love Dogs", Diane Lane and John Cusack's characters meet through an online dating service. Their first date is at a dog park, and both have decoy pooches in tow, as neither of them actually own a dog. It turns out, the movie may have been onto something. A recent survey released by and Petsmart Charities shows that pets actually are an important factor when it comes to dating.

As it turns out, 80% of Match members have pets, or like pets, and two-thirds of people asked wouldn't date a person who doesn't like pets.

The survey shows men are four times as likely to use pets to attract potential dates. Most men -- 60% -- think a person's pet choice says a lot about their personality.

Pets also influence women's feelings about their dates. A whopping 35% of women say they've been more attracted to someone because of their pet, and 27% of women are turned on when potential dates include pets in profile pics.

If you're thinking of running out and getting a pet now, be sure to head for the pound rather than the pet shop. The survey says 59% of single people think you're more attractive if you adopt your pet rather than buy it.

The age-old battle between cat and dog people actually show cat people are the bigger person. Results show 97% of cat people would agree to relationships with dog people, but only 66% of dog people would want to be with cat people.

The internet is a marvelous thing-- just when you thought there may never be world peace, internet dating shows us cat and dog people are willing to try. There is renewed hope for humanity.

Photo: Daily Mail, Facebook

The survey found that owning pets is beneficial when dating.