Would You Let a Wild Animal Design Your Clothes?

Lions and tigers and bears are clawing their way to the top of the fashion industry. Well, not exactly- but they are playing an important role in a new line of clothing called Zoo Jeans.

Zoo Jeans is a company that creates jeans out of denim that has been clawed and shredded by wild animals. They wrap denim fabric around zoo animal play things, such as tires and big rubber balls. They then let the animals claw it, gnaw it and shred it.

When they retrieve the denim, they make fashionable distressed, torn jeans out of it. The animals are able to give the clothing line a unique look that is different from what people and machines can achieve. Aside from a great look, the wearer has an interesting story to tell his or her friends.

A volunteer group known as the Mineko Club came up with the idea, and collaborated with the Hitachi City Kamine Zoo in Japan.

Some activists may worry if it's good for the animals, and in fact it is-- in more ways than one. Not only does playing with the fabric help keep the animals occupied because it stimulates natural behaviors, the proceeds from sales go to the zoo's preservation efforts and to the World Wildlife Fund. Sounds like a fashionable idea for all involved.

Photo: Hint Mag, I am Turbo

Lions in the process of making high fashion jeans.