40 Percent Of Young Adults To Social Media From Where?!?

Recent studies have shown that while TV is still the main choice for media consumption, social media is making its way up the ranks. According to a Nielsen company media study, viewers watched around 134 hours of live TV every month in 2013, which is a 2-hour decrease from 2012. Furthermore, viewers were making use of their options, watching TV not just on televisions, but also on mobile devices and PC's, as well.

Additionally, the report uncovered several other interesting facts. For instance, Americans owned at least four digital devices. This includes HD-TV's, PC's, a tablet and a smartphone. Almost half also had a gaming console and digital video recorder. These findings may not be surprising as we live in a highly digitally connected age. If you aren't connected, for the majority of your day, you feel left out.

Each week, viewers watched 60 hours of media throughout multiple devices, whether it's a TV or mobile device. Not to mention, 84% of tablet owners used it as a second screen to their television set. That is the definition of being "tuned in." Megan Clarken, Nielsen executive vice president, recently made this comment,"It's an incredibly exciting evolution in the ways people are using devices to get media."

With over 400 million tweets, sports events took the stop spot for triggering the most social media posts. After that, TV tweets came next. The top three were:

• Breaking Bad (6 M)
• The Walking Dead (4.9 M)
• American Horror Story: Coven (2.9 M)

The next stomach-churning statistic asked where people are posting their updates. Hold on to your lunch because the study found that 40% of users between 18-24 added their updates from the comfort of their toilet. Yes, that is correct, the lavatory. So, the next time you see a post from one of your friends, they may have also been "taking care of business."

The study found that 40% of users between 18-24 added their updates from the comfort of their toilet.