Father of Korean Ferry Victim Says Children Survived in Air Pocket After Capsize

According to a father of one of the school children aboard the capsized South Korean ferry, several children were still alive in an air pocket several days after the ferry capsized off the Korean peninsula, in what has become the worst maritime disaster in South Korea in the last twenty years.

The father relayed this information to a Reuters reporter who had joined some of the families on their way to the scene recently, saying he learned of such information in a text message.

Divers continue to search for survivors and recover bodies from the ferry. Many of the ferry's passengers were school children from a single high school just outside of the country's capital of Seoul.

The ferry had left the port city of Incheon and was headed to the holiday island of Jeju when it capsized under circumstances that remain mysterious.

The ferry weighs 6,586 metric tons and was built in Japan twenty years ago. The registered owner of the ferry is Chonghaejin Marine Co Ltd, based in Incheon. According to records obtained by Reuters, the company became the vessel's owner in 2012.

Speculation continues on how and why the ferry capsized, but not unlike the recent Italian cruise ship Concordia, on this ferry the Captain was one of the first people to get off the boat—which defies longstanding maritime law, that a captain must remain on board the ship to direct the passengers to safety until all passengers to his or her knowledge have exited the vessel.

Photo: Mirror