The F.B.I. Participates in Cyber-Attacks, As Well

It has been revealed that the F.B.I. has been using hackers to unleash a series of cyber-attacks on various websites outside of the U.S. The shocking revelation came out after the trial of Xavier Monsegur, a career hacker who became a confidential informant for the F.B.I. The program of coordinated attacks on foreign websites was implemented in 2012, and the details have been kept a closely guarded secret until now. It has been revealed that some of the countries targeted include Iran, Syria, Brazil, Pakistan and even Poland.

The attacks were used to extract large volumes of data such as banking and personal information from around 2,000 foreign websites, and the data was then uploaded onto F.B.I. servers for data mining. Documents related to this conspiracy are heavily redacted, and they do not clarify whether the F.B.I. ordered these criminal acts. They do however intimate that the government does use hackers to gather intelligence abroad. So, it looks like if there is more stock being putting into war, it is going into cyberwars. Gathering data is a part of the intelligence process, is it not? Not to mention, if no one finds out, the perpetrator comes out unscathed. Although, it doesn't look like that is the case in this situation.

This operation was going on at the same time as the F.B.I. was proceeding with a high profile manhunt for members of the hacking group Anonymous, of which Monsegur was a former member. Monsegur’s sentencing has been repeatedly delayed, and his current location is unknown.

Photo: RT, Endgaget

Xavier Monsegur exiting court house