Have The Australians Found Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

The Malaysian government says it is looking into claims by the Australian land and sea survey company GeoResonance that they believe they have found the wreckage of the mysteriously missing jumbo jet.

GeoResonance sent a statement to CBS News recently that said they had found materials "believed to be the wreckage of a commercial airliner" approximately 100 miles south of Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal.

This would be thousands of miles away from the search area that has been scanned for weeks by other companies.

"During the search for MH370," the statement read, "GeoResonance searched for chemical elements that make up a Boeing 777: aluminum, titanium, copper, steel alloys, jet fuel residue, and several other substances. The aim was to find a location where all those elements were present."

They claim they found just such a spot using multispectral images taken from the air just two days after the flight went missing.

Malaysia's Acting Minister of Transport Hishammuddin Hussein said in a statement to the press that his government is looking into the report and is "working with its international partners to assess the credibility of this information."

Photo: ABC News