Tornadoes and Severe Weather Causing Death and Destruction in Several US States

Nerves are being rattled and people are being tested by an onslaught of dangerous weather across the southern states almost three years to the day that a whopping 60 tornadoes touched down in Alabama on 27 April 2011, killing over 250 people.

Thus far several states have reported death tolls from tornadoes spawned by a devastating storm system. At least 13 deaths are confirmed in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, along with damage to tens of thousands of homes and businesses.

Meanwhile, the storm system killed another 17 people in a swath that ran from Oklahoma to Alabama. Hospitals and other Medical Centers were evacuated in Louisville.

"We thought we were going to be OK then a guy came in and said 'It's here right now,'" said Dr. Michael Henry, who heads up the hospital's ER. "And then boom—it blew through." That tornado is believed to have claimed the lives of at least six people.

"For about 30 seconds it was unbelievable," said State Senator Giles Ward, R., who was huddling in a bathroom in his home with his wife and four members of his family. "It's about as awful as anything we've gone through."

Deaths have also been reported in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Iowa, and forecasters are warning residents of Alabama and Georgia that things might only get worse in the coming days and weeks.

Photo: CNN