Tornadoes Cut Path of Destruction Through Midwest and Deep South

At least 35 people were killed during a two-day outbreak of deadly tornadoes and similarly violent weather that broke out across the country from the Midwestern states into the deep south, flattening homes and ruining lives in the process.

Twisters were reported to have touched down in parts of North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas, leading the US government to make a preliminary count of 11 tornadoes in one day, including a monster that killed 15 people in Arkansas, and another 25 tornadoes the following day, according to the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center.

One of the hardest hit cities was that of the birthplace of Elvis Presley, Tupelo, Miss., where businesses and homes were reduced to wood kindling in a matter of moments, leaving stunned residents to wonder how such destruction can occur in so little time.,

The deaths in Alabama, which included a student who was taking shelter in a Tuscaloosa basement when a retaining wall fell upon him, occurred one day after the three-year anniversary of the outbreak of an excess of 60 tornadoes that erupted in Alabama, killing over 250 people across the state.

Photo: Daily Mail, Fox News

Severe storms and tornadoes caused untold amounts of damage