Woman Miraculously Survives Car Crash and Six Days Without Food and Water

A woman is recovering in hospital after a horrifying crash left her trapped in her overturned car, for six days before help finally arrived. Kristin Hopkins, a single mother of four from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is still in critical condition, after doctors tragically had to amputate both of her feet, in order to save her life. Kristin was driving from work when she crashed. Her car veered off the road, and rolled 80 feet down an embankment, before coming to rest on its roof, with the injured Kristin trapped helplessly inside. It's like something straight out of a horror film! Not to mention, she was all alone with no one to offer immediate assistance.

She was discovered, when a couple driving along the highway, noticed something flashing down the embankment. Certain that the occupants of the crashed car must be dead, they notified the authorities. Kristin, beside herself with desperation by now, had written messages on a red and white umbrella she pushed out of the window. The message that greeted firefighter Jim Craven when he arrived at the tragic scene read “six days, no food, no water, please help me, and need a doctor.” One can only imagine she was thinking of her kids as she made it through her death-defying trial. When his colleague went to break the window to check for a pulse she put her hand there. Jim said “She really had a strong will to survive.”

Photo: NBC News