Artist Uses Beach as Canvas, See The Amazing Art Here (PHOTOS)

Artist Andres Amador uses the sand as his canvas to create amazing works on art on the beach, which he calls "Playa Paintings". Amador, from San Francisco, creates his pieces during the full moon when his beach landscape is largest. These amazing creations are all done by him with a simple rake. Sources:,

  • Amador uses Google Earth to choose the location of his 'canvas'

  • He then waits for the full moon so the tide is low

  • He will first create designs in a sketchbook

  • Some designs can take months to sketch

  • Other designs he sketches on the way to the beach

  • Amador has used the beach as a canvas for 12 years

  • He was inspired to use the beach after seeing crop circles in the UK

  • Amador says: "My designs are inspired by patterns in nature, such as ripples in water, cracks in mud."

  • His designs usually take a couple hours to create

  • For larger designs he allows more time and will recruit friends to help

  • Amador will also create beach art for marriage proposals

  • Working out in the fresh air and being barefoot never makes for a bad day

  • Even when designs don't work out, Amador doesn't mind

  • Though the art creations last for a short period of time Amador is ok with it

  • He states that when the tide rolls up and washes the design away

  • It gives him a clean slate to create again