Scary How Quickly Things Can Change. Abandoned 1984 Olympic Site (PHOTOS)

What happens to Olympic venues once the games are over? Some cities try and use them as a tourist attraction, others like the Winter Olympics venue in Sarajevo get ravaged by war and time. Sarajevo was taken over by war in the early 1990's. During the Siege of Sarajevo fighters used the various structures for battle and storage. This is how the Olympic venues look today. Source:,

  • It has been 30 years since the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo and the sign still lives on

  • The Olympic tower still stands in the city

  • The exterior of a restaurant (Source Flickr)

  • Inside a restaurant

  • The ski jump now falling apart

  • The side view of the degraded ski jump

  • View from the top of the ski jump

  • Stands where people used to watch the games

  • This venue used to hold speed skating

  • This sports complex is now a graveyard (Source:

  • Olympic medal stand (Source: Hedwig Klawuttke Wikimedia)

  • The bobsled track has been taken over by nature

  • This track was used as an artillery stronghold during the wars

  • The bobsled track is hard to tell now what it once was (Source: Flickr)

  • A split track (Source: Flickr)

  • Now some areas of the track are covered in graffiti and street artists use it to show off their work (Source: Flickr)

  • Strangely these graffitied bobsled tracks are now becoming a tourist attraction (Source: Flickr)