See Coober Pedy: The Underground Town (PHOTOS)

Coober Pedy is small town is Southern Australia known as the 'Opal Capital of the World', but looking around on the ground it looks like it is deserted. That is because the over 3,500 residents of Cooper Pedy live underground.

  • Looking deserted, homes, business and more are in the hillside

  • Residents live underground in caves because the weather can reach well over 104 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and get very cold in the winter

  • A former mine entrance that leads into a home

  • An underground kitchen, just like in any other home

  • Some lavish residences have a pool

  • They even have nice hotel rooms for tourists

  • For backpackers try a dugout hostel

  • One of three churches located in the town

  • Of course all shopping is done underground

  • And when the towns people need to relax they can enjoy a drink and some food at the underground bar