With $100M in the coffers, parties armed for an autumn fight

As midterm election season revs up, the Republican and Democratic parties are sitting on an astounding pile of campaign-ready cash: $100 million combined, according to the Congressional campaign committees.

Saturday’s Republican fundraising report revealed that the party raised nearly $4 million in August and has nearly $46 million in unspent cash.

Last week’s Democratic fundraising report showed even higher numbers. In August, the Dems raised more than $10 million and have some $55 million on hand.

The Hill reported that the GOP secured a $20 million loan this week to catch up with Democrats in the run up to November’s elections.

Despite the gap, many expect the elections to end in more GOP control of Congress, the result of continued dips in approval ratings for President Obama.

Regardless of the elections’ outcome, the fundraising figures guarantee that voters will see an onslaught of political advertising from both parties.

According to the Associated Press, the parties have so far raised more than $260 million and spent $160 million trying to win over voters.

Republicans hold a significant majority in the House, where 233 seats are occupied by the GOP, compared to 199 seats held by Democrats.

Photo: ABC News