Ebola Becomes Political

After the second case of Ebola popped up in Dallas, and concerns about a possible outbreak loom, politicians began turning the disease into a political battle! As election season gets closer and closer, Ebola seems to be ammo in a lineup of political bash campaigns with both the Republicans and the Democrats feeding the fire. So, what are they saying?

Republicans Say Obama Lacks Solid Leadership Skills

With the threat of an Ebola outbreak becoming more and more of a concern, Republicans have taken this opportunity to bash the Obama Administration. They argue that if Obama had better leadership skills, we would never have been in this position because he would have control over the situation.
The Republicans argue that anyone can bring this disease with them. So, to keep the United States safe from an Ebola outbreak, they want to see the Obama administration lock down the border.

Democrats Blame Republican Budget Cuts

On the other hand, Democrats have been pointing the finger back at republicans; launching bash ad campaigns like the one entitled “Republican Cuts Kill”. The democrats say that republican budget cuts to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and tax breaks for personal interests are weakening our ability to deal with situations like Ebola.

One Thing Seems Clear On Both Sides

While American citizens grow more concerned about an Ebola outbreak, politicians seem to be looking to use the threat to their advantage. Maybe after election season, we’ll start to see something being done about the actual issue at hand.

Photo: New York Daily News