IRS Gave Bonuses to Tax Evaders, Congressman Says “It’s Just Sick”

Representative Jason Chaffertz (R-Utah) is outraged that the IRS gave bonuses to employees who haven’t paid their taxes. He says, “It’s just sick.”

What’s worse according to Chaffertz, is it’s not only the IRS, but also thousands of federal workers. He told Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren that there are about 100,000 government workers who collectively owe almost one billion dollars in back taxes.

Reports indicate that the IRS paid out one million dollars in bonuses to employees who were delinquent on their taxes. The practice does not violate any federal regulations, but it sure sends the wrong message.

Chaffertz had his own message for scofflaws. He introduced a bill that would make failure to pay taxes grounds for termination for federal employees. It easily passed through the House, but stalled in the Senate twice. In the 112th Congress, Harry Reid didn’t want to “take up this common sense stuff,” said Chaffertz. Then in the 113th Congress, many Democrats voted no, arguing that fired workers won’t have the income to pay back taxes.

The Utah congressman argued that his bill would exempt federal employees who are making efforts to pay the IRS. His gripe is with those workers who simply refuse to pay, essentially “thumbing their noses at taxpayers.” Chances are most taxpayers would respond to that attitude with a different finger.

Photo: The Blaze