NYC Hosts Major Climate-Change March

More than 400,000 people are estimated to have showed up Sunday in NYC for the largest environmentalist march in history. The question remains: will "The People's Climate March" make a difference?

Only about 100,000 people were expected to attend, so the response is considered a rousing success. Politicians, celebrities and just regular folk showed their concern about the fate of the planet in the march organized by the group

More than 1,400 organizations endorsed the event. Student organizers at more than 300 colleges mobilized the student body to make the journey.

Participants joined in a moment of silence, then used instruments, alarms, whistles and their own loud voices to make as much noise as possible. Church bells tolled and marching bands played as everyone made a touching show of their dedication to the planet. The event was described as "mildly chaotic but incredibly beautiful" by the organizers.

Will it really make a difference? Maybe-- but you have to wonder if the message was lost on the very people who participated. Between all the fossil fuels exerted for the mass pilgrimage to the event, to all the signs and costumes to all the trash strewn about the city streets after the march-- are these people really dedicated to the cause, or do they just like being part of the show?

Photo: New York Times