Obama: 'Ambitious' Climate Action Needed

President Obama, speaking Tuesday at the United Nations Climate Summit, said world leaders must raise their "collective ambition" on issues related to climate change.

Frequently using the terms "ambitious" and "ambition," the president called for "global resilience" in confronting opposition to environmental action.

He detailed his administration's efforts to advance policies dealing with the effects of climate change, but added: "We have to do more."

Developing, as well as developed, countries need to be involved in the effort, according to Obama. He told the delegates that "nobody gets a pass," and that "nobody can sit on the sidelines on this issue."

However, he did not shrink from his own country's contribution to the crisis.

"We recognize our role in creating this problem," Obama said. "We embrace our responsibility to combat it. We will do our part."

The president mentioned various regions that have been particularly affected by climate change. He cited forest fires in the western United States, and coastal flooding in New York and south Florida.

Obama acknowledged that "the climate is changing faster than our efforts to address it."

Despite his calls for "ambitious" actions, climate-change activists who flooded the streets near the United Nations this week criticized the president for not being bold enough. They said he remains too closely aligned with oil and gas interests.

Photo: Stand Up America US