Obama Faces Scrutiny As ISIS Campaign Grows Larger

President Obama could be facing some tough questions, as his military campaign against ISIS seems to grow larger by the day.

Although the Commander-in-Chief vowed that Americans would not fight another ground war in Iraq, if push comes to shove, it could be a possibility, according to military experts. There is talk of greater expansion, which could include boots on the ground alongside Iraqi security forces on the front line.This would prove to be a sticky situation for the president. Putting combat troops on the ground goes against his promise to the American people — and possibly his legacy. Without the proposed expansion, there is a risk that the current mission will fail.

Initially, Obama’s strategy consisted of limited airstrikes against the Islamic State, but those grew to strikes all across Iraq. Now there are plans to extend them into Syria as well. Meanwhile, 1,600 U.S. troops were sent to Iraq to train local security forces. The next phase is to train and arm Syrian rebels to fight the terrorists.

As far as public opinion is concerned, there is great overall support for airstrikes, but not for additional boots on the ground. According to a CNN/ORC poll, 76 percent of Americans support airstrikes in Iraq and 75 percent approve of strikes in Syria. However, when it comes to an expanded U.S. ground mission, only 38 percent are in favor.

The President’s ultimate decision over the current mission remains to be seen, but it definitely leaves him between Iraq and a hard place.

Photo: ABC News