Panetta's Memoir Slams Obama, Goes Easy on Clinton

The former director of the CIA has published his latest memoirs, entitled "Worthy Fights," and was not very kind to President Obama. He did however handle Hillary Clinton, 2016 presidential hopeful, with kid gloves, reports the New York Times.

Leon Panetta criticized President Obama particular for his handling of Syria and Iraq, saying 'hesitation and half-steps' was a 'blow to American credibility'. According to Panetta, the president has "the logic of a law professor rather than the passion of a leader."

The Democrat had nothing but kind words and praise for Hilary Clinton, who will likely be the next Democratic presidential nominee. Panetta praises Clinton as "a luminous representative for the United States in every foreign capital, as well as a smart, forceful advocate in meetings of the president’s top advisers.”

When Panetta was running the CIA and Clinton was secretary of state, the two formed a mutually beneficial relationship. Their relationship was not without controversy. They'd had some arguments, particularly over drone strikes in Pakistan. Clinton referred to the debacle in her memoir, "Hard Choices."

But ultimately, Panetta opted to distance himself from the president, now in the middle of his second term, and to speak favorably about Clinton. As the 2016 campaigns grow closer, more and more key Democrats are doing the same. Sheltering and insulating potential candidates from party criticism has become a major political strategy, so perhaps it’s more accurate to say the campaigning has already subtly begun.

Photo: Liberal Conspiracy