Perry Turns Himself In for Felony Charges

Gov. Rick Perry was charged with two felony counts of abusing power Tuesday. He's handed himself over to the police for fingerprinting and photographing, and vows to fight the charges. Perry and his attorneys were unavailable for comment, but the Texas Governor is being arraigned on Friday for abusing his power.

The incident stems back to last year when a county District Attorney, Rosemary Lehmberg, was arrested for drunk driving and resisted arrest. Police say she was aggressive and needed to be restrained. Perry demanded the democrat resign from office, and Lehmberg refused. He threatened to veto state funding if she did not resign, and carried out his threat by vetoing $7.5 million in funds that should have gone to Lehmberg’s office.

A grand jury indicted Perry, and if convicted the Governor may face a maximum sentence of up to 109 years in prison.

Democrats accuse Perry of abusing his power to strong-arm Lehmberg out of the way so he could place his own crony in charge of the unit. Currently, Travis County holds a Democratic majority in the heavily conservative-leaning state.

Many Republicans support Perry, and came to protest the indictment with signs reading 'Stop Democrat Games'.

According to Perry, he will "fight this injustice with every fiber of my being." Even if he gets off, it’s likely that his bid for the presidency in 2016 will be shot as the proceedings will likely go on until the election. With the Texas economy being the best in the nation, this leaves many of Perry’s would-be supporters sorely disappointed.

Photo: New York Daily News