POTUS Vows to Veterans to Fix Healthcare Problems

Wednesday, President Barack Obama vowed to get to the bottom of the complaints that veterans seeking health care were met with unreasonable delays. If true, he says it's 'dishonorable' and 'disgraceful' and he promises to punish misconduct.

Recent allegations accuse Veteran's Affairs department of scheduling abuses in attempts to cover up lengthy wait times for veterans. Some of these extensive delays may have resulted in deaths. Over the last few weeks, two top VA officials have handed in their resignation, but as many of 26 facilities are implicated and are currently under investigation.

Republicans have called for the resignation of Eric Shinseki, Veteran Affairs Secretary. John McCain made a statement saying that if Shinseki didn't voluntarily step down, that the president should relieve him of duties.

Taking the podium in the press briefing room at the White House, the President reported he expects the results of preliminary investigations next week, which will help him determine the scope of the problem and help him determine the course of action. He stated very poignantly that if misconduct is found, it will not be tolerated. He then sidestepped questions and made his exit.

Reports say the problem has been going on for years, but it’s only recent publicity that’s forced the White House to deal with it. Whether heads will actually roll is still up in the air. President Obama is developing a reputation of being all bark, no bite.

Photo: Fox News