Republicans are "Crazies" says Former IRS Official

In newly released emails from the IRS investigation over the tea party controversy, a former IRS official made disparaging and profane remarks about members of the GOP.

The IRS has been accused of improperly targeting tax-exempt applications for scrutiny on non-profit religious groups based on the names of the group and the political themes. According to the allegations, any group with "Tea Party" in the name or groups that expressed an obviously conservative point of view were subject to intensive scrutiny. The incident is being investigated by the Justice Department and Congress to see if the applications were handled with improper procedures.

In the emails released, Lois Lerner called members of the GOP "crazies" and "a--holes," according to the Associated Press. Lerner was head of the division that dealt with tax-exempt applications for the IRS in 2012 when the allegedly improper targeting took place.

According to David Camp, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, the emails show Lerner had no love for conservatives.

With the growing tensions between the two main parties over recent years, it should not come as a surprise that conservatives and liberals use choice words to describe each other in their correspondences.

Photo: Greenwich Times