Sanders Calls for Mass Mobilization

Real political change will not happen until "millions and millions of people demand it," according to independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

"What we have got to do is mobilize the American people, in a way that we have not seen in recent history, around a progressive agenda," the possible 2016 presidential candidate said Friday on Bill Moyers' PBS television program.

Sanders stressed that such an organized effort is needed to counter the power of large corporations and wealthy individuals. When Moyers asked how a mass mobilization of voters might be realized, the senator acknowledged that he does "not have any magical solutions."

People need to rise up and declare "enough is enough, and talk about doing well by their kids, protecting the environment, fighting corporate interests, winning health care for all and taking on the billionaire class. When people begin to move, the people on top will follow them," Sanders said.

Noting that "95 percent of all new income now goes to the top 1 percent," he called for "an economy that works for ordinary people," Common Dreams reported.

Sanders told Moyers that he has not decided whether to seek the presidency in two years, or if he would run as an independent or a Democrat.

Photo: Higher Perspective