Terrorists Attack Facility near Karachi Airport for Another Round of Gunfire

An airport police training facility in Pakistan was attacked by gunmen on Tuesday. After a brief shoot-out, attackers escaped. Law enforcement says the situation is "under control" but the Taliban warns that it "wasn't over yet".

The attack happened at a police training facility near Karachi airport last Tuesday morning. That same airport was attacked last Sunday night by the Taliban and 26 people were killed. Three gunmen drove up and stormed the entrance. Armed security guards sprang into action and the two groups fired on each other before the attackers fled the scene.

The airport suspended flights due to the incident. According to Azam Khan, head of airport security, “The aim of the attackers was to create a panic, and we shouldn't be playing into their hands."

Burned bodies were discovered in an airport building from Tuesday morning's incident, raising questions about security. This is all part of the Taliban's ongoing efforts to seize control of Pakistan and overthrow the government. The Prime Minister’s government has been pursuing peaceful avenues to negotiate with the militants but is now considering whether the peace talks with terrorists are failing (where’s Captain Obvious when you need him?).

Photo: NBC News