Since Ferguson There Have Been Numerous ‘Michael Brown’ Style Police Killings

It’s been only a month since the death of Michael Brown, but in that time there have been numerous incidents where police actions were both controversial and questionable. Although there are 13 to date, here is just a sampling:

On August 10, an off-duty Dallas cop fatally shot unarmed 26-year-old Andrew Scott Gaynier. He failed to show his hands when police ordered him to do so.

On August 11, 25-year-old Ezell Ford was shot dead by Los Angeles cops. Police say he went for an officer’s gun, but witnesses say the suspect was unarmed and compliant. Meanwhile, on the same day in Salt Lake City, cops killed 20-year-old Dillon Taylor near a 7-Eleven store. Taylor was unarmed, but cops saw him reach for his waistband.

On August 12, in San Bernardino, California, County Sheriff’s deputies repeatedly used Tasers on 36-year-old Dante Parker, killing him. An investigation is being conducted.

On August 14, there were four separate incidents. One occurred in Los Angeles where police beat a suspect to death. Another in Greeley, Colorado involved cops and a military veteran. In San Jose, California, cops killed a woman with bipolar disorder. Meanwhile, in Phoenix, Arizona there was another police killing, also involving a mentally ill woman.

Additional incidents of “Michael Brown” style killings also happened on the following dates: August 17, 19, 24, 28, as well as September 3. Although not all of the shooting victims were black males, these cases still bring up some important questions. Are officers too quick to use excessive and lethal force? And are investigations into these cases sufficient? Only time will tell.

Photo: Winter Patriot, IB Times

There have been 13 Michael Brown style shootings since his death in Ferguson.