Former Olympic Boxer Takes Mother To Court

Pernell Whitaker was known as "Sweet Pea" during the peak of his career in the 1980s. Now, his nickname might be changed to "Indian Giver." He's recently evicted his mother from the home that he bought her 30 years ago.

In the World Championship Games of 1982, Whitaker won the silver medal for lightweights. In 1983, he won the gold medal at the Pan American games. In 1984, he went to the Olympics and brought home the gold. His career was on a high and the money rolled in. In 1989, Ring Magazine named him fighter of the year.

After his career began to go downhill, so did his life. Whitaker began abusing substances and was arrested multiple times. His millions began to dwindle away. One recent financial hit was to pay $18,000 in back property taxes for his mother’s house, a house that was once his gift to her.

The house he bought 30 years ago offered a solution to his financial problems. He had two mortgages on the house he couldn’t afford, but he could sell it for $155,000 in equity. He asked his mother to leave multiple times, but she refused. He took her to court and had her evicted officially. Other relatives living there would be forced to leave as well.

The family isn't happy about Whitaker's actions, but his mother is taking it in stride. "I'm a survivor," she said. Looks like the lady is as tough as her son used to be.

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