Matt Sorum Tweets Attack to Ted Nugent for Looking Too Happy After Hunting

Celebrity Twitter wars have become something of a spectator sport, and are always good for stirring up controversy— not to mention publicity. But sometimes they do draw much needed attention to important causes, and that’s what Matt Sorum is hoping to accomplish.

Sorum's foundation Adopt The Arts partnered with the International Fund For Animal Welfare in hopes of raising awareness about animal conservation through education. The former Guns N' Roses drummer-turned-activist couldn't remain silent when fellow musician Ted Nugent posted a picture after a recent hunting trip.

Sorum apparently felt Nugent apparently looked a little too happy in a photo with a pre-teen and a dead groundhog. Sorum immediately took to the Twitterverse.

"Hey @tednugent u are a sick individual , u are smiling too much for killing this animal Something wrong w u, poor kid," Sorum tweeted.

Nugent is an advocate of hunting and trapping, arguing that the current system successfully manages wildlife better than ever before. In an interview with PennLive in 2014, Nugent said animal rights activists must be influenced by "mind-altering chemicals" if they think the meat on our table is entitled to the same rights as human beings.

Sorum makes a point Nugent seems to be missing. Since when do you have to be on drugs to show some compassion for a living creature that’s just been hunted and killed with a bow and arrow? Even if a person does hunt, should he look so gleeful over an animal’s demise? Let’s see if Nugent tweets in defense of his grin.

Photo: Blabber Mouth, The Immoral Minority