SCOTUS Ruling on Contraceptives Makes Clear That Different Rules Apply to Men and Women

The Supreme Court ruling that permits private corporations like Hobby Lobby to deny paying for health care coverage of contraceptives for women on account of the company's religious beliefs has caused quite an uproar.

Yet it's what Hobby Lobby's health insurance continues to cover which is getting some of the attention now.

While women will be required to pay for coverage of their own contraceptives, men who seek pills such as Viagra or penis pumps that aide against erectile dysfunction will have those services covered by their insurance at Hobby Lobby and other such firms.

Many people are finding hypocrisy in the stance.

The Catholic church does not find it at all hypocritical, having argued previously that it promotes procreation, not abortion, and pills like Viagra contribute to procreative attempts, while the morning-after pill promotes abortive efforts.

Yet Hobby Lobby not only is opposed to contraceptives, it is also opposed to intra-uterine devices (IUD), long term contraceptives that can be costly for women.

In an otherwise hard-to-justify decision, Hobby Lobby's insurance does and will continue to cover the cost of its male employees undergoing a vasectomy.

Photo: Religious News