Tech Firms Offer Egg-Freezing Insurance

Women who work for Apple and Facebook can now tap their health insurance to pay for freezing their eggs.

The companies' decisions have renewed a debate about whether women should use egg freezing as a way of postponing childbirth while pursuing careers, Think Progress reported.

NBC News noted that the insurance coverage is a "game-changing perk," as the procedure costs as much as $15,000. That does not include the expense of properly storing the eggs for years.

"It's the ultimate New York careerist dream: Work and play now; conceive later," an article in a 2005 issue of New York Magazine stated.

The Wall Street Journal recently declared in an opinion piece about egg freezing: "Amid all the talk of 'having it all,' we've ignored the most powerful gender-equalizer."

Female employees of Facebook already have the coverage, while those at Apple will begin receiving the benefit in January.

NBC News pointed out that many major corporations are competing for top employees by improving their insurance packages. Coverage for egg freezing is among the latest examples of how firms are trying to appeal to women.

However, some criticize the policy. Writer Laura Vanderkam wrote that "it plays into the anti-feminist line that work and family are incompatible."

Photo: Dr. Jayesh Amin